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Guess what I’ve discovered in Turkey!.,,

Jun 14, 2024

So, my time here in Turkey is now 13 days, another 12 to go.


My focus is on accessing my energy and creativity through slow living. It’s amazing, and I highly recommend it, my friends.


What’s the recipe?


🔥Firstly, FUEL: When I’m here, my diet is super clean, organic, and locally sourced. I drink lots of water!


😊Secondly, PRESENCE: When I go to the market, it’s a full experience—the smell of fresh herbs, the vibrant colors, and conversations about spices and foods. The dry heat, the mix of people from different villages, and hearing a foreign language... 


I stay in the moment and use all my senses to remind my body of what it feels like to be truly alive.


📝Thirdly, WRITING: I write about my experiences, how my body feels when it’s fully alive, paying attention to the details, and moments of feeling free and alive. I capture these moments in my writing.


😌Lastly, I close my eyes ever so often to recall images, bring them to the forefront of my heart, that make me feel abundant, free, and happy. 


🧘🏼‍♀️I focus on the feeling, the rush of BEING.


This has been an important practice for me for many years. 


To attract more abundance, I need to remind my body of what that truly feels like. How can I do that if I never pay attention when I have those feelings?


💟This is where my memories of the past help create my vision for the future.


Right now, I’m fully immersed in writing my vision, feeling energized, liberated, free, and fully expressed.


I LOVE the vision of the future I’m creating from this feeling!


Your turn!👇🏼👇🏼


What are the memories of your past that energize you so much that you deeply feel them and they make you smile? 


Bring them up every day as you create your new daily experience.


What showed up? I’d love to hear from you!