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Paralyzed by Your Own Ambitions? Unlock the Surprising Key to Your Next Big Leap

May 30, 2023

So you have lots going for you!!


Achieved big goals and you are ready for the next one.


You are used to double down. You have been told to work double as hard as anyone else, and you have created success. But now you don’t know what to take action on first. You have so many ideas and experience paralysis by analysis.


When you check in on what you have created over the past year it is mind blowing. You are praised by others. But you feel restless.

So now let's imagine this, you're on a magnificent sailboat, cutting through the azure seas, having journeyed to countless shores. Now, with your eyes set on the next horizon, you find yourself in the doldrums. The sails are still, the wind absent. You strain and strive, trying to conjure the wind with sheer will. You find yourself blowing as hard as you can to get wind in the sails.  But the sailboat remains motionless.


Why, my friend, do you forget the options at your disposal? Why not recline on the deck, bathing in the warm sun, surrendering to the tranquility of the moment? 


Why not start the motor, and slowly, steadily, navigate toward the gust of wind that will propel you forward again?


Why not reach out for guidance, make use of the satellite phone, seek the insights of others who may provide a fresh perspective?


But instead, you double down.


Have you ever paused to consider that what has brought you to this point, might not be what will take you forward?


This is a lesson many successful women at the peak of their career learn, including myself!  Our journey to the summit has been fueled by the constant need to double down, to outperform, to work tirelessly. But now, you are the captain. Your vision, larger than ever, calls for a different approach.


Because, the strategies that got you here, aren't necessarily the ones that will get you there.


And so, it's time for a change in tactics. It's time to ease up, not just on the actions but on yourself. It's time to shift from doing to being. Embrace the power of presence, of awareness, of intuition.


Steer your sailboat not only with your hands but with your heart. 


Trust that you will pick up the wind again, and this time, it will carry you to a place beyond your wildest dreams. For it is not the furthest shore, but the deepest waters that hold the greatest adventures. This journey isn't about moving constantly, it's about moving consciously.


So, my friend, as you stand on this precipice of potential, know that your strength lies not only in doubling down but in letting go. In doing less, yet being more. 


Remember, the journey to the next big thing is not just about sailing the ship but also about enjoying the view along the way. This is your voyage, your story, your life. And I believe you're ready to write the next thrilling chapter.


Much love



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