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Have you made space for yourself today?

May 31, 2023

Have you ever found yourself caught in the middle of 'creating space' and realizing you are actually 'hiding'?


Just the other day, I had a revealing chat with an extraordinary woman who shared her eye-opening journey of self-discovery with me. 


She had some really transformative steps to share and, who knows, they might just strike a chord with you. Shall we dive in?


Understanding the difference - not as tough as it sounds


'Creating space', she said, is a lot like taking a breath of fresh air. It's about creating an opening, a pause in your life to slow down, a pocket of calm amidst the whirlwind of daily life.


Picture this: you're building a quiet, serene place where you can connect with your inner self, your essence. It's a kind of connection that has a universal resonance, you know? I know it sounds tough, what with life buzzing around, but believe me, it's worth every moment.


On the other hand, 'hiding', as she described, feels like you're piling up bricks, one over the other, building an impenetrable wall around yourself. You're cut off from the world, and your inner critic is having a field day, amplifying your doubts and fears. Not a pretty picture, right? The good news is once you spot this, you're already on your way to positive change.

Reflect, learn, and grow


Here's an idea: take a moment to look back. 


See any moments when you found yourself hiding behind those self-constructed walls? Remember, there's no room for regret here; it's all about learning from these moments and using them as stepping stones towards your personal growth.


Time for a self-promise


So, you've spotted the pattern. Now what?


How about making a promise to yourself? A promise to carve out more space in your life. 


This could be setting some 'me-time' aside for introspection or even creating a cozy corner in your home for self-reflection.


Spot and cut loose any dependencies


Now here comes a critical part. See if there's something in your life you're just a bit too attached to. Something that pulls you down into a whirlpool of negativity? 


Once you spot this, you can step back and remind yourself of the vast potential within you, independent from your present situation.


Balancing act between the practical and the aspirational


Now, we've all got practical worries - income, stability - the whole shebang. They matter, of course. But they shouldn't cloud your vision of future possibilities. 


Take note of them, but don't let them pull your focus away from the opportunities you're eager to create and become the woman that lives your vision.


So there you go, taking an inward journey isn't about running away from reality. It's about acknowledging and embracing the expansive possibilities of your life. And, as we venture deeper into our internal exploration, we're bound to dig up personal answers that help us align more closely with our essence.


What could be possible for you if you created more space?


When you slow down - create space, you will soon discover that you speed up to receive results that you deeply want. 


Ready for some magic? 




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