Lead with confidence,

clarity and courage.



The practice of cultivating self-awareness, intuition and creativity for sustainable leadership growth.

Our Services

Leadership Coaching

Through deep conversations, you’ll establish the most potent leadership skills: self-awareness. It all starts with reconnecting with your core values, tapping into your intuition, and restoring your empathy and creativity. We’ll uncover your authentic leadership style, guide you to confidently communicate your ideas & empower you to influence change.

Weekly sessions | 3-6 month program


To create a sustainable life, career or solution, we must start with our core.  Dive into a rich process of self-awareness by discovering your purpose, passion, and core values. In an intimate and inclusive group, you’ll craft a compelling vision that gives meaning to your goals, and build confidence to explore more fulfilling opportunities.

Small virtual cohorts | Four 90 min modules

Panel Moderation 

Transform your expert panel into an engaging and authentic conversation. Shestainability moderation supports panelists to connect with each other and identify each person’s purpose in the discussion— creating a learning experience in which the audience leaves with deep understanding and actionable insights.


A curated group of empowered leaders who embody the “inner” Shestainability principles (self-awareness, intuition,  creativity), and crave a group of like-minded people to develop the “outer” practices of connection, collaboration, and innovation. This action-oriented Mastermind is a space to incubate bold leadership decisions and new business ideas designed to transform a male-dominated organization or industry.

"The Shestainability Blueprint for Success workshop allowed me to recover my self-confidence and motivation."


It all starts with a powerful conversation.

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