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Bold Choices, Deep Impact

Dec 31, 2023

As we wrap up 2023, I've got a story to share about this year – a time of change, growth, and dreams turning into reality. I've picked up some valuable lessons along the way, and I'm eager to pass them on to you.

Let's dive into this journey together and gear up for an exciting next chapter!


  1. Trust the Process 

In early 2023, I took the important step of saying NO to business opportunities and clients that didn't make my heart sing. This led to a period of not getting new clients, and sitting in the discomfort of uncertainty. The urge to revert to a "just say yes" attitude was challenging, but I spent time reflecting on the magic in my life and realized it always occurred when I trusted the process and didn't intervene. 


What might happen if you trust the process more than yourself?


  1. Let Go of Control

The second reminder of 2023 was about letting go of control in addition to trusting the process. 


Trying to control things and processes is exhausting! Letting go of control wasn't easy though because it brought up feelings of uncertainty, which was scary. But I discovered that change happens fast in uncertainty. I had to let go of the idea that I could control where my income came from, ( do you think money only comes from your salary? Or only from your clients? ) realizing that income could arrive in unexpected ways. I was reminded that “ Money comes always- in ALL ways”. 


What areas of your life could benefit from letting go of control?


  1. Laugh 

For years, I hadn't been able to truly laugh – that deep, belly laugh. My concern for my son Benjamin and fear of death had been overwhelming. Then, after his passing in 2022, finding joy seemed impossible. However, in November, a trip to Iceland with other amazing women changed everything. I laughed and it was like waking up from a deep sleep. 


How much laughter is present in your life?


  1. Self-Care and Slow Down

Challenged by my coach in September, I made the decision to take December off from work. Initially, it seemed impossible, but I went to India and slowed down completely.


This break was about prioritizing my body and mind with massages, meditation, physiotherapy, acupuncture, yoga, long walks, healthy food, and detox. The results? New ideas and a heart full of joy and inspiration.


Have you made space for self-care in your calendar for 2024? 


  1. Receive and Gratitude

I was really sick in 2023, needing to give my body full attention like never before. Being bedridden for almost two months was hard, but I learned a lot about surrendering, to receiving help and being grateful. 


The compassion and love I received were overwhelming, and it strengthened my gratitude muscle. 


Are you open to receiving help when it's needed? And even more so, before you absolutely need it?


  1. The fruits of Collaboration

From 2017 to 2020, I had done everything solo. Built my business, started a non-profit network and enjoyed it all the way. Then magic happened! I chose to collaborate with Lame to build a stronger network. Firstly because we wanted to do it for ourselves. To create the network we wanted to hang out in! It was so much fun! 


As a result, we built Lean in Equity and Sustainability!


In December, we celebrated the impact of this organization together with so many of our members during COP 28 in Dubai and had an amazing launch party of Lean in Equity & Sustainability UAE lead by Maria Flouda. 


I was asking myself what else is possible if I invite in more collaboration in my for profit business- @Shestainability? Now, a new world is opening up for me and I’m excited to see what will unfold in 2024.


Where do you see collaboration will create more for you? Collaborating with peers, with other organisations, with leaders? What comes to mind?


  1. Get Clear on Your Mission

After Benjamin’s death, I felt like I had no mission anymore. My drive was gone, and I was leaking energy, feeling lost and uncertain. This pain and confusion led me to seek help in reconnecting with my purpose and getting on my mission. My coach played a crucial role in this transformation. He reminded me of my own power, and suddenly, my mission was clear. 


I’m on a mission to draw out massive missions in those I work with. 


  • That’s my superpower, but it had been buried after the loss of my son. (You can listen to my transformation as it happened live on the “1 Insight” podcast). Since then, I have returned to my strength, my business is growing with clients making my heart sing, and I’m serving them powerfully. 


What’s your must-do mission that makes you truly come alive?


  1. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone 

This year, I made a significant shift in my business strategy and trusted the process to attract clients who are here to create a profound impact. I also decided to invest heavily in myself. 


I joined the 4 PC community with my coach, which in addition to a 3 year commitment and big investment also meant investing more in traveling. 


Stepping out of my comfort zone financially and emotionally, I went to Como, Italy in August to play together with 30 top leaders, entrepreneurs, and exceptional coaches. This experience triggered many feelings of being an imposter and old fears of not being good enough. A big insight was that feeling like an imposter means I’m playing a bigger game. That I’m expanding! In 4PC, I am a student of my own mastery, focusing on learning and growth through range, capacity, and emotional resilience.


Did you include yourself in your investment plans for 2024?


9. Celebrating Women on Missions to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges - Next Level Mastermind 2023


What is a year without celebration? In the third year since its launch, I had the privilege of taking my mastermind group to Cholderton in England. We came together to celebrate our successes and embrace our pains, recognizing that both were a result of making significant decisions and stepping out of our comfort zones. We celebrated the power of trusting the process and releasing the need for control. The impact these remarkable women are making in the world is truly profound.


What decisions and leaps out of your comfort zone have you celebrated this year?


  1. See Dreams Come True

In 2023, I saw a dream that started back in 2021 come to fruition. I had envisioned giving Kushal, a one-year-old boy in India suffering from MPS 1 just like my son, life-saving treatment and seeing him full of life. 


In December, this vision became my reality when I met him in Bangalore. Witnessing exactly what I had held in my mind – Kushal happy and vibrant, holding his parents’ hands – was incredibly fulfilling. My mission to save his life and see a family rejoice had come true. It makes me ask, what else is possible now? 


What about you? What are your dreams? How would your life change if they came true?


As we step into 2024, let’s take with us the lessons and inspirations from this year. Move on with inspiration from 2023!


I’m excited to hear all your stories and experiences from this year.