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Breaking Barriers: Why Thinking Big is the Key to Success

Feb 05, 2024

Let’s dive into a concept that might seem a bit outlandish at first – setting goals that look downright impossible.


We've all been there, right? Fixating on hitting specific numbers or achieving certain milestones. "I need to raise this much," or "I have to solve that problem." But, what if we turned that whole idea on its head? 


What if, instead of zeroing in on concrete targets, we aimed for something so ambitious, so seemingly unreachable, that it challenges every norm? The impossible!




What's the challenge you're tackling at the moment? It could be a financial target or a major issue in your organization that you've been dealing with for some time. Write it down!


Last week I had a conversation that perfectly encapsulates this mindset. She was passionate, driven, and deeply committed to her cause. A woman like many of my clients, on a mission to solve a big challenge.


She was caught up in the usual grind of chasing measurable targets. So, I threw a curveball her way – “ What if your goal was 100 times bigger? What would  you consider IMPOSSIBLE?”


You see, when we set these 'impossible' goals or making problem much bigger, we're not setting ourselves up to fail. No, we're opening the door to a whole new way of thinking!!


It shifts our focus from the immediate 'how' into imagining BIG, and figuring out the steps to get there, no matter how unconventional they might be. I.e you ask “who” vs “how”. 


Now, take another look at what you've written down, whether it's a financial goal or a significant challenge. Amplify it – multiply it by 10, or even 100! Make it so grand that it seems unrealistic!


It’s no longer about just scraping together funds or meeting a basic target or solving that one challenge. It's about creating something lasting, something with real impact.


And this doesn't mean abandoning all sense of practicality. But in that space of uncertainty and challenge, that's where we find new solutions, take risks we never considered, and break away from self-imposed limits.Its where we get creative!


Spend 30 minutes just letting ideas come to you. Write down what surfaces for you. What's that impossible goal or challenge you're thinking about?


Now have a look at your original goal or challenge. What has changed?


I’d love to hear from you and what you experienced doing this exercise. I read all your responses carefully.