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Chapter 5'B': More powerful than you know…

Dec 05, 2023

I know I promised to share some tools in this chapter, but I've got something special for you this week.


I want to take you on a journey – my journey. It's a story of rediscovery, and it's a story I've been wanting to share with you.


I recently had the privilege of being coached by the incredible Rich Litvin, my coach and mentor right on his podcast, "1 Insight." It's not often that I get to be this candid, this open. But I felt it was essential to share my vulnerabilities and the power of seeking guidance.


You see, after a period of profound grief, I found myself adrift. I lost my sense of purpose. It was Rich who helped me see what was always there, buried deep within me. My gift has always been empowering others to find clarity and purpose in their lives and work. But it took our conversation for me to realize how I could channel that gift to help even more people.

In this episode, you'll hear me have an "aha" moment, that magical instant when everything clicks. Rich challenged me to share these insights with a group of extraordinary world leaders and coaches in the 4PC community. I can't deny the rush of nerves that surged through me at the thought. It felt like stepping into my biggest Cave of Fear, as Joseph Campbell would put it. Could Rich's challenge be the catalyst I needed to fully embrace my calling once again?


I invite you to listen in and be a part of my journey, my process of rediscovering my mission after loss. I'm sharing it all in the hopes that it might illuminate your path and give you a glimpse into a real coaching session where I'm in the hot seat.


So, get comfortable, grab some popcorn, and dive into the action right here on "1 Insight" or listen on Spotify.


Curious about what’s possible for you? Let’s have a chat.


With love,