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Daring to Dream: The Magic of Impossible Goals

Feb 07, 2023

Have you ever found yourself feeling stuck in your career or personal life, unsure of how to achieve your biggest dreams? It can be tempting to play it safe and set achievable but modest goals for ourselves. But what if we dared to dream bigger and set impossible goals instead?

Impossible goals may seem just that – impossible. However, setting these seemingly unattainable objectives can actually be the key to unlocking our full potential. When we set impossible goals, we shift our focus from the “how” to the “who”. Instead of trying to figure out the logistics of achieving our dream, we ask ourselves, “Who do I need to BE to make this happen?” This mindset shift can lead to a more fulfilling and impactful life.

I had a client who came to me with the desire to exert more upward influence within the organization where she worked. Her real desire was so much more and seemingly so impossible that she couldn’t see it at the beginning. 

“What if you are meant for much more? Where would you have the greatest impact and leave a lasting influence on a larger scale?” I asked.

What we ended up working toward was so much bigger than the original objective. She convinced senior leadership to create a new Research division and appoint her as its leader. 

In less than a year she was the head of an entirely new division, leading groundbreaking work and making a huge impact in her company and their clients. All because she dared to dream big and set an impossible goal for herself and BEING the person who saw this as a reality despite challenges.

So, what is your big dream, your seemingly impossible goal? Imagine it's already happened and think about who you needed to BE to make it happen. Dare to set an impossible goal for yourself and become that person who has this vision as a reality.

In conclusion, the next time you find yourself setting goals, consider daring to dream big and setting an impossible goal. It just may be the key to unlocking your full potential and leading a more impactful life.