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Embarking on Your Mission: The Journey Begins

Nov 07, 2023

Welcome back to our mission-unleashing series!

If you've been following along, you're already well on your way to understanding the key elements that drive extraordinary missions. In this fourth article, we're stepping onto the path of your mission journey. We'll explore how past experiences, the scope of your mission, and the courage to challenge the status quo all play a vital role in this exhilarating adventure.

Before we delve into the heart of this article, let me introduce you to one of my incredible clients, Osen Iyahen. Osen is not just an extraordinary individual; she's also a valued member of our esteemed Next Level Mastermind. Her mission-driven journey is a testament to the type of remarkable women I have the privilege of working with.

Osen's mission began long before she founded the Optimal Greening Foundation (OGF), her brainchild designed to bring dignity back to Africa. Her story serves as a shining example of the kind of individuals I have the honor of guiding and supporting.

In the remote Island Community of Agala, the absence of basic amenities had cast a long shadow, especially over its women. Contaminated waters led to recurring health issues, with women enduring the brunt of these challenges. The suffering was both physical and emotional, as they grappled with the daily reality of fetching water that endangered their health, including vaginal health issues that had long been neglected.

Witnessing this, Osen Iyahen felt a deep-seated urge to intervene.

She states, "The situation in Agala disproportionately affects its women. Displaced and relocated to this island, they grapple with challenges that go beyond the lack of basic needs."

With a vision to alleviate such suffering, Osen saw Agala as the perfect pilot project for her foundation, Optimal Greening Foundation. Her immediate goal was to provide Agala with clean water and sanitation facilities, directly addressing the daily challenges its women faced. But this wasn't just about Agala. Osen saw a bigger picture. She says, "This project is a stepping stone, aligning with my broader vision. I want to harness my career and educational achievements to diminish suffering across marginalized communities in Nigeria and Africa."

The pilot project in Agala has been a resounding success. With the introduction of clean water and sanitation facilities, the health and well-being of the community, especially its women, have seen a marked improvement. The success in Agala serves as a beacon, illuminating the transformative power of a clear mission.

Osen's work is a testament to what's achievable when one's purpose is strong and unwavering. Her success in Agala stands as an inspiring example, urging readers to recognize the potential of a determined mission. As Osen has shown, with a clear vision and the will to act, even the most daunting challenges can be overcome, bringing hope and tangible change to those in need.

Drawing from Past Experiences:

Every journey starts with a single step, and your mission journey is no exception. Consider the experiences that have shaped you, both personally and professionally. These experiences are like the foundation beneath your feet, propelling you forward.

Reflect on This: How have your past experiences prepared you for this mission? What skills and insights have you gained along the way?


Defining the Scope:

Your mission isn't just any endeavor; it's a transformative journey aimed at creating a positive impact. Define the scope of your mission. Is it about transforming a specific community, addressing a pressing environmental issue, or advocating for social justice? Clarifying your mission's scope provides direction and a sense of purpose.

Question for Self-Exploration: What is the scope of your mission? Are there specific milestones or goals you aim to achieve?


Challenging the Status Quo:

Extraordinary missions often challenge the status quo. They dare to question existing norms and push boundaries. Remember, it's not always a straightforward path, but these challenges can be the most rewarding part of your journey.

Food for Thought: How are you challenging the status quo with your mission? What obstacles have you faced or anticipate facing?


Your Mission as an Ever-Evolving Story:

Think of your mission as an ongoing narrative. Each chapter represents a new phase, a new challenge, and a new triumph. Embrace the idea that your mission is an ever-evolving story, and you are the protagonist shaping the plot.

Challenge for Self-Reflection: What's the next chapter in your mission journey? How will you script it to create maximum impact?


Navigating Uncharted Terrain:

As you step onto the path of your mission, you'll encounter uncharted terrain and unexpected challenges. But remember, it's the very essence of these challenges that makes your mission exciting and meaningful. Embrace the journey, and let it shape you as you shape the world.

Reflect on This: What excites you most about the unknown aspects of your mission journey?

Your mission journey has begun, and it's an adventure like no other. As you read these words, I encourage you to embrace this journey fully. Your past experiences, the scope of your mission, and your courage to challenge the status quo are the solid ground upon which you'll walk toward your mission's destination.

Stay tuned for our next exploration in this series, where we'll uncover the role of feelings in fueling your mission even further: Mission Activators: Your Personal Catalysts





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