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Embracing the Paradox: 19 Ways Counter-Intuitive Advice Can Transform Your Life

Feb 05, 2024

Have you ever wondered if everything you've been told about success and growth might be, well, wrong? 


What if the secret to breakthroughs wasn't in doing more, but in thinking differently?


Let's challenge the norms together. Are you in?


Here are 19 pieces of counterintuitive advice, designed to provoke your thinking. 


Some of them I've shared for years. Some I came up with this morning.


  1. If you have a mission you can accomplish alone, you’re not dreaming big enough.


  1. If you don’t feel Imposter Syndrome, you’re probably not playing big enough.


  1. If doing more always leads to success for you, you're not leveraging the power of slowing down.


  1. If you merely view failure as a setback, you're completely overlooking its transformative power as a stepping stone to greater success.


  1. If you believe hard work is the recipe for success, you’re severely underestimating the role of fun.


  1. If conforming is your default, you’re effectively smothering the potential for your genuine growth.


  1. If you prioritize career achievements over well-being, you’re chasing a narrow version of success.


  1. If you're asking "how" instead of "who," "what," "where," "when," you’re limiting your possibilities.


  1. If you dwell in uncertainty rather than standing firm in your future plans, you’re actively pushing opportunities away.


  1. If you take rejections or delays as personal failures, you’re not seeing them as doorways to better opportunities.


  1. If you’re motivated by external rewards more than intrinsic passion and purpose, you’re not fully engaged.


  1. If you're focused on present limitations rather than playing in the future, you’re restricting your potential.


  1. If you doubt your desires rather than trust in their confirmation, you’re blocking your ability to achieve them.


  1. If focusing on just wanting to be heard rather than on your mission and values, you’re not amplifying your voice as effectively.


  1. The opposite of uncertainty isn’t certainty, it’s creativity.


  1. Money problems are often not money problems. Money problems are often emotional problems, or they’re patterns that go back one or two generations.


  1. It’s easier to achieve the ‘impossible’ than to go after what you think you can get.


  1. Space is where miracles occur.


  1. A goal is a place to come from, not a place to get to.


Ready to explore these ideas further and see where they might lead you?