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How to Slow Down to Speed Up: A Leader's Guide for Women Who Wants to Impact

May 29, 2023

As a woman who spent 20 years in  leadership, and now as an entrepreneur, I know firsthand the feeling of not having enough time. It's easy to get caught up in the idea that we have to fix everything ourselves, even when we have a team to support us. But the truth is, slowing down is the most powerful step we can take to speed up our success and create massive impact.

When we slow down in every aspect of our lives, we open up a world of transformation. We strengthen our self-confidence, deeply listen to those around us, and even improve our health. It seems paradoxical, but when we speed up, time speeds up with us. When we slow down, time slows down, too.

One of the ways we can incorporate slowing down into our daily lives is by creating a ritual or morning routine that aligns with our values and intentions. This not only eliminates feelings of overwhelm, but it also ensures that we are living a life that aligns with what we truly want.

Slowing down the way we act and talk creates space and presence, allowing us to listen to others and be listened to in return. It can even create results like getting the position we want, the clients we want, and the influence we want, faster than we ever thought possible.


I recently worked with a client who experienced the power of slowing down in a meeting. By simply slowing down and approaching the meeting with curiosity, she received important feedback, praise for her impactful articulation, and respect for her point of view. Slow down became her mantra before meetings, and during meetings, increasing her influence and impact.

Here are some steps you can take to slow down and speed up your success:

  1.  Create a personal morning ritual that works for you. Start the day with self-love and self-care. Set aside a minimum of 15 minutes before you even think about checking your phone for messages or turning on the news. Sit up in bed or in a place where you are not disturbed. Take a notebook and write down seven things you are grateful for. Now, ask yourself what you most want to experience today and imagine yourself having that experience by closing your eyes and sitting in silence for 5 minutes. Set your intention, smile, open your eyes and get out of bed. Congratulate yourself for starting the day in your own way. 
    This will help you stay on track and be mindful of what your body and mind are telling you. It can prevent feelings of overwhelm and help you take back control of your life.

  2. Slow down the way you act and talk. This creates space and presence, enabling you to listen to others and others to listen to you. It can lead to better communication, more engaged teams, and faster results.
  3. Identify areas to practice slowing down. When your inner critic shows up, "hold your horses" before you let your thoughts carry you away with assumptions and limiting beliefs. Slow down before and during meetings, networking sessions, and other important interactions. Share with others your focus on slowing down in order to speed up. Find an accountability partner you trust and ask for feedback.

By slowing down, you can gain clarity, be more mindful, and take control of your life. It can lead to better communication, more engaged teams, and faster results. So, take a moment to slow down and see what it can do for you.

Remember, slowing down is the most powerful step you can take to speed up your success. When we slow down, we create clarity, improve our relationships, and live a life that truly aligns with our values and intentions. So take a deep breath, slow down, and watch the world transform before you.

You´ve got this!