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Mission Activators: Your Personal Catalysts

Dec 05, 2023

Welcome back to our ongoing series on unlocking the secrets to extraordinary missions.


If you've been following along, you've embarked on a journey to understand the key elements that drive remarkable missions.


In this fifth chapter, we dive deep into the realm of mission activators – those mysterious triggers, emotions, and stories that reignite your mission’s fire.


Have you ever experienced that surge of determination, that unwavering commitment that made you feel unstoppable? A time when no obstacle, no self-doubt could stand in your way? It's a remarkable feeling, isn't it? You were on a mission, and nothing could deter you.

But perhaps you've also felt a shift. Somewhere along the way, that intense drive seemed to fade. It's like having a box of matches in your belly, but suddenly, those matches got wet. No matter how hard you strike, the fire won't catch.


If you've ever been in that place, where you once felt like you could move mountains, and now it seems like you've lost that spark, then you're not alone.


Let's call her Sarah. I recently had the privilege of speaking to Sarah, an inspiring woman who epitomizes the essence of mission activators. Her journey is nothing short of extraordinary.

Sarah's story resonates deeply with the idea of mission activators. She grew up in the remote corners of Canada, far from the bustling centers of opportunity. On a farm, where shoveling cow manure was a regular chore. She had no connections, no leads, and certainly no financial resources to speak of.


But Sarah had a mission burning within her. She was determined to go to Cambridge to pursue her Ph.D. in a field she was deeply passionate about. So, she left no stone unturned. She didn’t care if she had to step out of her comfort zone or ask for help from people who seemed out of reach. Sarah pulled out all the stops, overrode the self-talk in her head, and pushed forward.


Because at that moment in her life, nothing was more important to her than her mission.


If you’ve been in that tunnel, where distractions fade, and the inner doubts somehow quiet down, you know what it’s like to marshal all your resources towards a singular purpose. It’s a remarkable place to be.

The Power of Mission Activators:


So, what's the secret to reigniting that fire within you, to reclaim that sense of purpose? It lies in understanding your mission activators - the triggers, feelings, and stories that propel you forward.



These are the hidden switches that activate your mission mode. They're the moments when you've defied the odds, when you've seen injustice and couldn't accept it, when personal challenges fueled your determination.



Emotions are the fuel that keeps your mission fire burning. Think back to the emotions you felt when fully engaged in your mission. How did they manifest in your body and mind? Can you tap into these emotions once more?



Your personal stories are a wellspring of inspiration. They're reminders of your strength, resilience, and purpose. How have these stories shaped your perception of yourself and your capabilities?


In the chapters to come, we'll dive deeper into these mission activators. We'll explore how they can transform doubt into determination, frustration into fuel, and uncertainty into unwavering focus.


Stay tuned for Chapter 6: "List Your Mission Activators: Your Toolkit for Success," where we'll guide you in creating your toolkit by listing down your personal mission activators, ensuring you always have them at your disposal.