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So you believe your goal is impossible

Feb 16, 2023

 In 1996 I was faced with the toughest decision of my life when I found out my son Benjamin had Hurler Syndrome, a progressive genetic disorder with a bleak outlook. It wasn't until I was faced with this  devastating challenge that I realized the power of having a clear vision and working towards it with determination. The doctors told me that he may only have 10 years to live, if we were lucky, or 5 if we weren't. The thought of losing my son before he even hit his teenage years was unbearable, but I knew I couldn't just give up and accept defeat.

I had a choice to either let this news paralyze me or use it as fuel to become the best version of myself and make a difference in this world. So I made a conscious decision to not let this situation defeat me. Instead, I chose an  impossible goal; to find a solution for my son so he would live a long and happy life despite the predictions.

I had no idea on how to achieve this goal. What I did know was  that in order to save my son and make a difference in the world, I had to BECOME the woman who could make it happen and I had to embody her right now. It was like going to sleep as one person and then step out of bed as a more powerful version.

Here's what I did

Visualizing: Every day, I started my morning by visualizing my son happy and healthy, receiving the treatment he needed, even though I had no idea what such treatment might look like. I saw myself speaking with experts, traveling around the world, and being part of  the solution for my son and other families affected by rare genetic disorders. I heard how I was  articulating my words when speaking with specialists. I visualized how I was dressed and even the way I walked when meeting with scientists and others.  Visualizing gave me a sense of purpose and direction. It allowed me to regain control over my emotions and chaotic feelings. And most importantly, it gave me the motivation to take action.

Feeling: I envisioned it with such clarity that I felt as joyful as if my imagination had become reality. I knew how I would feel the day it happened.

I refused to follow the advice of the specialists who told me to stay at home and wait for my son to die. I had to become the impressive, strong, and determined woman of my future right now if my dream could come true. And that's exactly what I did.

Decide and set intentions: The first thing was that I had to step back into work and find a company with an international presence. To have a position that would stretch me and bring me outside my comfort zone. Only that way would I dare to seek support from experts around the world. Only then could I challenge the status quo.I didn't let the fear of failure hold me back. I knew that I had to become the person in my vision to attract the results I wanted.

At the moment of my decision, unexpected opportunities presented themselves, doors opened and resources appeared.. The most striking example was when the perfect job suddenly became available, aligning with my aspirations and propelling me towards my impossible goal. It's a testament to the power of belief and the magic that unfolds when you take a bold step towards your dreams.

Take inspired action: Everyday I was studying his illness to understand it. The worst case scenarios and outcome. From there I took action every day. Asking questions like: Who do I need to know? Who knows who? Who needs to know what? Where do I want to go next? Who is on my team? Who believes in the same impossible goal as me? From the answers I took action every day. I only had to know “the how” on the smaller goals. I never asked HOW to achieve the big “ impossible goal”. That would overwhelm  and paralyze me.

Come FROM the impossible goal

My journey taught me the importance of having an impossible goal, a dream, and a vision to come from. It showed me the power of visualization and the impact it can have on our lives. And most importantly, it taught me that when we become the person in our vision, we attract the results we want.

I had a dream, a hope, an impossible goal of seeing Benjamin live longer than just until he was 12, to see him happy and healthy. The thought of figuring out how to make this happen was too big to even consider. I didn't approach it as a step by step process. Instead, I came from the goal, as if it was already accomplished, and envisioned the person I needed to become in order to make it happen.

My son lived until he was 27 and a half, and I know that it was because of the woman I became that led to finding treatment. I became the solution, not the problem. I refused to let my circumstances dictate my life and instead, I took control and made the impossible possible.

I never thought I had a “process”, I just did what came natural to me fighting for my son's life. It wasn't until later, when I embarked on my journey of personal growth together with my coach  I discovered my very unique blueprint. A blueprint to be used on my other “impossible  goals”.

When I discovered  my own secret and practiced it with eyes wide open, I was able to create multiple successful businesses, start a fast-growing non-profit, in addition to being a key contributor to bringing life-saving and expensive medicine to a 13-month old baby in India who suffered from the same syndrome my son did.

What is your secret dream? One that you say is impossible to achieve? Get curious and ask yourself who you have to become to see it happen. 

Don't wait.

Do it today.


 Much love,