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Tapping into Your Inner Drive: Recognizing the Triggers of Your Powerful Mission

Oct 05, 2023

Have you ever felt such a strong drive inside you that no challenge could stop you?


It's that inner push that keeps us going, even when others say we can't.


Today, I want to talk about that drive, and how to recognize when you're on a mission so strong that nothing can get in your way. 


It's all about truly understanding yourself and using your personal triggers to keep moving forward.


 Tackling Big Problems


“You know when others see a problem as too big, but you know there's another way?”  That’s me!” 


We were having a brainstorming session to identify her personal mission triggers .


My client saw challenges as opportunities to think differently, to find an "alternative path." With every challenge she faced, she believed in the possibility of a better way of doing things and felt inspired by the many who had already paved the way.


Standing Up for What's Right


For her, it wasn't just about inclusivity or building institutions. It was deeper than that. 


She found herself consistently challenging the patriarchy, standing up against the status quo, and advocating for those who couldn't. Every time she witnessed injustice or inequality, a fire was ignited within her. 


But what truly stood out in this conversation was her realization about herself. 


There was this theme, this recurring driver, that always seemed to bring out the most confident and powerful version of her. It was as if every time she stood up to challenge the established norms, she was tapping into a reservoir of strength she didn't even know she had. 


This revelation took her by surprise. It was like a lightbulb moment, making her understand why she felt so driven, why she felt so alive when she was on these missions. It wasn't just about making noise; it was about making a change, about realizing that this theme of challenging established norms was what truly drove her. 


It brought so much clarity to her actions, to what she was up to, and to the path she was carving for herself and others.


Understanding What Drives Us


Throughout my own  life, I've been driven by missions that were deeply personal and incredibly significant. 


When my son was diagnosed with Hurler's Syndrome and told he would probably die age 7, I didn't just accept the grim prognosis. I was determined to find a cure, to give him a chance at life.( He lived until he was 27)


Then, when the Norwegian government tried to take away my son's personal assistant, I fought them in court, year after year, standing up for his rights and doing what others said was impossible, won against the Norwegian government. And when a toddler, a boy in Bangalore was in dire need of medical intervention, I didn't see barriers; I saw a challenge as an opportunity . I rallied resources, connected with experts across continents, and made the impossible happen.


For me, the triggers are crystal clear. 


Tell me something's "impossible," and I'll take it as a challenge. 


Suggest I should stay silent, and I'll find my voice even louder. 


These reactions stem from my core values: the unwavering belief that there's always an opportunity, the importance of freedom of expression, and the essence of autonomy.


Life is full of ups and downs. But what's most important is understanding our own strengths and what drives our missions. 


As you reflect on your journey, I encourage you to identify your triggers, embrace them, and let them guide you towards your next powerful mission.


Would you like some help with that?