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The One Thing You're Doing That's Holding You Back from Achieving Your Dreams

Mar 06, 2023

Do you ever find yourself reducing your dreams, your vision, or your goals to fit your doubts? You have big dreams for your future, but then out of nowhere your doubts come creeping in, with a very convincing voice telling you that you're not good enough, that you're not capable of achieving those things, and that you should settle for something less. It's okay to admit it; doubt is a natural part of the human experience. But you don't have to let your doubts control your life.


I want to share a story with you about one of my clients who had a similar experience. She had a high income target she wanted to negotiate in a position she was interviewed for. She shared with conviction why she could ask for this number, what it meant for her and what the money was going to create opportunities for her daughter. However, before she even got to mention her desired salary, she had lowered the number because she doubted they would pay her that much. When I asked her why she had lowered the number, she couldn't give me a concrete reason. It was just a feeling of doubt that had crept in and taken over.


If you're like my client, you may be limiting yourself unnecessarily. You may be reducing your goals, visions, and dreams to fit your doubts. But I want to tell you that there's a better way. You can choose to doubt your doubts and challenge them with evidence.

So, what can you do to doubt your doubts? 


First, identify your doubts. 


On a sheet of paper write this headline: The lie I'm telling myself. LIE is an acronym for Limiting Ideas Entertained created by Jim Kwik


What are the thoughts that are holding you back? What old experiences do you use as your evidence? What are you telling yourself about yourself?


Write them down and when you think you are done, ask “What more”. When you do this exercise you want to get to the bottom of it!


Next, challenge your doubts with evidence. 


On a new page write this headline: The truth is:

Use your voice and say it out loud to yourself and to your doubts “The truth is”! Start writing. You will discover that you have so many evidence that when you firmly believe it yourself you succeed.


This exercise is important because it shifts your energy and you start seeing possibilities.


Finally, take inspired action.


Take tiny steps and stay away from thinking how you will achieve the big goal. Look for what is inspiring . Stay in a high level of energy ( look for possibilities) Exercise your growth mindset ( a positive inner dialogue) and take tiny steps.


Want the icing on the cake?


Okay, let’s go one level deeper to set yourself up for success!


Suspend disbelief 


When you suspend disbelief, you allow yourself to believe that anything is possible. You can imagine a world where your doubts don't hold you back, and you have complete faith in yourself and your abilities.


When you act as if you have complete faith, you take actions that align with your goals and dreams.


 In my article “So you believe your goal is impossible" I talk about coming FROM your goals, being that person of the future, now. 


You don't hold back or second-guess yourself. Instead, you move forward with confidence and purpose. I’m sharing this with you because in my case this saved lives. Not only my son Benjamin, many more. I want you to know that it works and I’m committed to share it with you.


Imagine, you know you will succeed, what are you doing? Who are you being? ( your traits) What risks are you taking ? Are you bold in your actions? What is your mindset?


Think about what you would do if you had complete faith in yourself, and start doing those things.


Remember, you have the power to doubt your doubts and achieve your dreams. Suspend disbelief, act as if you have complete faith, and don't give doubt any mental space. With these tools, you can overcome your doubts and achieve your greatest potential.


You've got this, and I believe in you!