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The Power of Seeing Your Mission Succeed

Jan 22, 2024

 we’ve reached the last chapter of our mission journey series!


If you've been with me since the beginning, you've been on an incredible journey to explore what it truly means to have missions in life. And guess what? You don't just have one mission; you've got a bunch of them, both long-term and short-term. They all share one thing in common: an unshakable sense of "must" and an unwavering commitment to see them through, no matter what.


Your Missions and Who You Are:


Throughout this journey, we've peeled back the layers of your missions. We've worked on defining them clearly, nurturing them with dedication, and using various tools and insights to help you along the way. 


These missions have evolved from mere ideas to being integral parts of your identity.


Coming FROM Your Future Mission Result:


In this final chapter, we're going to talk about a powerful concept—coming FROM your future mission result. It's about experiencing your missions as if they've already succeeded, feeling the fulfillment and satisfaction that comes with achieving them. 


The Power of Visualization:


Remember back in 2021 when I went on a mission to bring life-saving treatments to a little boy only one-year-old living in India?


I spent much time visualizing the outcome. It helped me stay focused on the why and the what, rather than getting bogged down by the how.


I visualized Kushal hand in hand with his parents, full of life and joy. I felt so connected to my mission. I felt it was a must!!  It was a visceral feeling! I knew I could expect it to happen. This was how strong the feeling was! And in December 2023, I got to see my dream fulfilled!


Visualizing your missions as already accomplished can be a game-changer. It's a way to stay connected to your why and your what, and it can help you overcome obstacles with unwavering determination.


Living Your Missions:


Living your mission is about making sure everything you do aligns with their essence. It's not just about having distant goals; it's about finding meaning and satisfaction in every little thing you do. 


Your missions should be your guiding stars, helping you navigate life's journey.


The Impact of Mission Integration:


When your missions are fully integrated into your identity, it changes the game. 


You start radiating authenticity and passion, and that energy draws others towards your missions. Your actions and choices influence and inspire those around you.


Take a Moment to Celebrate:


As we wrap up this series, I want you to take a moment to celebrate your journey. 


Look back at how far you've come, the hurdles you've cleared, and the personal growth you've experienced. Your mission journey is a testament to your resilience, your dedication, and your belief in making a positive impact.


A Fresh Start:


Although we're ending this series here, it's just the beginning of a new phase in your mission journey. 


Your missions don't stay the same; they grow and evolve as you do. Keep nurturing them, keep weaving them into your everyday life, and keep making that positive impact.


Your Missions Are Ongoing:


Your missions aren't just checkboxes on a list; they're lifelong journeys, and they become your legacy.


So, as you take the lessons you've learned from this series and move forward, remember that your missions are your driving force. They inspire you, they inspire others, and they are the reflection of your life purpose.


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