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The Transformative Power of Asking for Help

Dec 15, 2023

I wanted to share a truly remarkable experience that unfolded recently, one that left me profoundly touched and reminded me of the incredible power of asking for help.


These past few days have been nothing short of extraordinary. As you may know, I had the privilege of spending time with a remarkable family in Bangalore, India, and I couldn't wait to tell you about it.


Picture this: I arrived in bustling Bangalore, India, with a heart brimming with anticipation and purpose. What awaited me was a day that would etch its memory deep within my soul—a day filled with acts of kindness, resilience, and the profound impact of reaching out.


At the center of this remarkable journey is a young boy named Kushal. He's a resilient 3-year-old facing the challenges of MPS1 Hurler Syndrome, and meeting him was like encountering a beacon of determination and hope. His bright eyes radiated a strength that left me in awe, and it was impossible not to think of my beloved son, Benjamin, in that moment.❤️‍🩹


But let me take you back to how this incredible journey began. It all started with a message I received on May 14, 2021, from Karthik, a father in India. His one-year-old son had been diagnosed with the same condition as my Benjamin. 


Karthik's message was not just a message; it was a lifeline, an infusion of hope, and a profound awakening for me.


Kushal's journey with MPS1 - Hurler Syndrome underscored the critical importance of timely medical intervention. Without Enzyme Replacement Therapy and a Bone Marrow Transplant, the road ahead is incredibly tough. It reminded me so much of the challenges we faced with Benjamin.


But here's where the story takes an extraordinary turn. In just seven whirlwind weeks, we rallied support from around the world, brought life-saving treatments to India, and successfully orchestrated Kushal's Bone Marrow Transplant. It was a journey filled with hope, determination, and miracles.


Through this incredible experience, I've learned a profound lesson—the power of seeking help and the strength in vulnerability. 


Karthik's courageous act of reaching out created ripples of transformation, and it gave me the privilege of making a difference in a child's life and shaping a family's destiny.


As I reflect on this journey, it struck me just how significant asking for help can be. 


It's not just about the act of seeking assistance; it's about the incredible gift you give when you ask. It's about the doors that open, the connections that form, and the lives that can be changed when we let others in.


And here's the beautiful part: when you ask for something, it often flows to you from sources you never even knew existed. It's as if the universe conspires to answer your call in unexpected ways.


So, my friend, as you navigate your own path in life, I encourage you to remember the power of asking for help, the beauty of vulnerability, and the incredible gifts that come from reaching out.