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The Unexpected Creative Surprises from Being Under The Weather

Oct 05, 2023

I made a promise to myself early this year- a weekly newsletter for my community. But here's the twist: no rules, no set topics, just a commitment to show up. So if you're short on time, feel free to skip this one and gain an extra minute in your day. Go ahead!


Now, let's fast forward to last week. I'm in bed, battling a stubborn cold. Coughing, sneezing, and playing the role of a human tissue box.


But you know what? This pesky cold brought a silver lining with it. It whispered, "Slow down, do less, just be." No pressure to conquer the world, just a date with my bed and a trusty box of tissues.


And here's the kicker: My creativity decided to waltz into the scene. Seriously! I had more ideas in that week than I'd had in ages.


I'm not suggesting you catch a cold intentionally (please, don't). But sometimes life tosses you a curveball, and you've got to catch it with style. It might be a signal that something in your world demands attention, or it could simply be the universe nudging you to take it slow.


So, next time you're snuggled under the covers, don't fret. It’s great to feel sorry for yourself sometimes. Yes, I’m speaking to 

CEO’s and Entrepreneurs too!


Sometimes it’s exactly what’s needed to create space for something else! Consider it a sign that it's perfectly fine to pause and let those creative juices flow, or not!