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Unleash Your Inner Superhero: Discover Your Passions and Soar to New Heights

Jan 23, 2023

Are you a bit fed up at the moment? Not so incredibly energized? Maybe, yes, just  maybe it's time for you to figure out what exactly you´re all about! And if so, I´ve got good news, because I've got the secret to making it all happen.

Your passions, the things that make you lose track of time, are the key to finding your path in life. And trust me, once you discover them, your life will change for the better. Your vision will become clearer, your steps more certain, and your path more fulfilling. Just imagine, you'll finally know what to put on your LinkedIn profile!

But how do we get there? Well, it all starts with embracing a growth mindset and becoming a student of yourself. Instead of focusing on what society deems as valuable or difficult, let's focus on what you love and what brings you a sense of flow and ease. 

Here's an exercise to get you started:

  1. Grab a pen and paper (or use your phone, I'm not your boss. I´m a Remarkable fan myself)
  2. Write down 20 things you love to experience, things you completely love doing.
  3. Narrow it down to 5 things you love more than anything else. You could do it all day long and still feel energized.
  4. Ask yourself, what's the theme I spot, when I look closely at these 5.
  5. Take 10 minutes to write a description of how your life would look like operating only with these five things. 

I guarantee you'll be amazed at what you discover about yourself. And once you connect with your passions and identify your vision and mastery, you'll start to see new possibilities for your career and your life. Plus, you'll finally have something interesting to talk about at parties.

So, let's make today the day we become students of our own vision and mastery. Take the time to reflect on what you love, and start exploring what makes it so appealing. Your future self will thank you, and possibly even buy you a drink. I´d love to hear what you experienced doing this.