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Unlocking Your True Potential: The Transformative Power of the Three Most Important Questions

Aug 07, 2023

“What do you see your life looking like in 25 years, Rita?”


That question, posed amidst the backdrop of a serene weekend in Røldal in Norway with my good friends, wasn't just a passing thought. It was a profound nudge, urging me to delve deep into the tapestry of my aspirations, dreams, and the legacy I wish to leave behind.


You see, in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we often get caught up in the immediacy of the present. We chase deadlines, tick off to-do lists, and sometimes, in the process, lose sight of the bigger picture. But pausing to ask ourselves such transformative questions can be the catalyst for profound change.


For me, the vision was clear. At 80, I saw a life rich in experiences, surrounded by friends, continuously learning, and still passionately immersed in my business, helping others realize their dreams. 


But this vision also served as a gentle wake-up call. To achieve this, I recognised areas in my life that needed growth and nurturing, like adopting a healthier lifestyle and having more fun!


Now, I turn the spotlight to you. Have you ever paused to ponder your life's trajectory? 


If not, I invite you to embark on this introspective journey with me. And as you do, ask yourself: "What can I do today that my future self will thank me for?"


Three Guiding Questions to Illuminate Your Path


  1.  What do you want to experience out of life?

Think beyond material possessions. Dive into the emotions, moments, and memories you wish to create.


  1.  How do you want to grow as a person?

This isn't just about skills or knowledge, but also about personal evolution, character traits, and emotional intelligence.


  1.  How do you want to contribute to the world? 

Beyond career or personal achievements, how do you envision making the world a better place?


Sit with these questions that Vishen Lakhiani, CEO of Mindvalley created. Let them simmer in your mind, and allow the answers to emerge from the quiet corners of your heart.


You will be blown away as you go deeper!


Join Me for a Deeper Dive


If this resonates with you, I warmly invite you to join me on 10th of August at 7 pm CET  on LinkedIn and YouTube. 


Together, we can delve deeper into these questions, share our insights, and inspire one another on this transformative journey.


In Conclusion


Life is a canvas, and we hold the brush. 


With every stroke, we have the power to craft a masterpiece that resonates with our true essence.


So, let's take a moment, reflect, and set forth on a journey that promises authenticity, growth, and profound fulfillment.


Sending you warmth, encouragement, and endless possibilities. Let's embrace this journey of self-discovery, side by side.