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Break Free from the Busyness Trap: Lead Extraordinarily

Break Free from the Busyness Trap: Lead Extraordinarily

Jan 16, 2023

Once upon a time, in my early days as an entrepreneur, I set out to create the perfect tagline for my website. But little did I know, it would turn into a battle of wills between me and the blinking cursor.


As I sat there, eyes fixed on the screen, I tried and failed to come up with the perfect phrase. Each blink felt like a punch to the gut as I erased each and every word I wrote, muttering to myself "arrrghhhh, how stupid Rita!"


I thought I had left behind the pressure of corporate life, but it turns out it was all in my head. I was the one driving myself crazy with my need for perfection and my own high expectations to prove that I was good enough.


The irony is that I was so busy trying to meet my own deadlines and unrealistic expectations that I couldn't say yes to all the opportunities that came my way!


What about you?


Is busyness hijacking your life at the moment? Is it hard to take time for yourself when there are so many things that need to be done? Who is putting you under all this pressure? If you’re anything like the majority of women I speak with, you’ll have tons of evidence that it's imposed on you.


Okay, let’s get back to my story. Now I’m the boss, and I get to decide whether I’m going to be busy or not. But there is this pesky little belief that I can’t shake. It’s like a measuring stick that I hold myself to. First off, I think that if I do everything perfectly it means I’m good enough. And second, I’ve been conditioned to believe that being busy equals success. It’s like, if I’m not constantly running around like a chicken with its head cut off, then I must not be doing well?


These are all lies! They are LIMITING IDEAS ENTERTAINED as Jim Kwick, the world’s brain coach has called it.


What beliefs do you have that makes you proud of being stuck in the busyness trap?


How has it served you to be so busy?


I don't shy away from tough conversations or hard questions. When I work with extraordinary women, I ask them about their busyness and any limiting beliefs that might be holding them back from creating the space they want.. And let me tell you, these ladies are powerful! So, when they start talking about feeling like victims of circumstances, I will call them out. Let’s get real. Let’s bring back the ownership of our lives.


So what did I do to get out of the busyness trap? I had to break my habit of needing to prove that I was good enough! To embrace imperfections and take inspired action instead of waiting for stuff to be perfect!


I had to stop believing the lie that I wasn’t good enough!


That meant getting comfortable with delivering products before I perfected them!


To put myself and my desires on my calendar first!


To celebrate when I had empty space in the calendar!


I broke free from the beliefs that busy equals success and I was finally free and fully expressed. The greatest part is that I truly wake up to work that I love.


And beside being coached I read books like this one by Kate Northrup Do Less


What about you? How are you keeping yourself stuck in the busyness trap?


What’s possible for you if you got unstuck?




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