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What is Your Problem Designed to Solve?

Oct 05, 2023

Today  I invite you on a journey—one that delves deep into the heart of our challenges, seeking the hidden messages they might hold.

Several months ago, I began a partnership with a top executive. 

Almost immediately, a persistent issue in one of the organization´s divisions reared its head. It was like a stubborn knot, draining her from energy and making her feel like a whisper in a storm. 

She had ideas and solutions, but it felt like her voice was getting lost in the cacophony. We needed a different approach! 

Instead of merely asking, "How can we fix this?", we ventured deeper with, "What is this problem designed to solve?"

Have you ever felt ensnared in a problem, where every attempt to break free only tightens its grip? I've been there.

Last week, I found myself encased in an MRI machine, my heart racing, following a health scare that had doctors fearing a stroke. As the machine buzzed and clicked around me, memories washed over me. When my son Benjamin was diagnosed with Hurler's Syndrome, the prognosis was grim—he was expected to live only until the age of 7. But life had other plans, and Benjamin graced us with his presence until the age of 27. 

During those two decades, I adopted a "prepare for the worst" mentality. Always ready, always vigilant. This mindset, born out of a mother's love and fear, became my blueprint for success. But the constant state of readiness took its toll. My body became deeply rooted in this way of working, addicted to the adrenaline and the cortisol

Even after Benjamin's passing, I couldn't shake off this ingrained habit. The evening before my hospital visit, I questioned my relentless work ethic, only to ironically find myself in the hospital the very next day. Was it a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Inside that MRI chamber, I revisited the question I had posed to my client: "What is this problem designed to solve?" For me, it wasn't just about leaving work at a reasonable hour or setting boundaries.

It was a call to address the deeper issue: my body's addiction to constant high alert.

It was an invitation to transition from a state of perpetual doing to one of mindful being. 

To truly experience life, not just race through it.

As for my client? She discovered that this particular division's issue was a signal—a reminder that the company needed to realign with its core values and mission. It was a call to focus on the bigger picture.

So, to you, my cherished reader, I pose this introspective question: 

What is your problem designed to solve? 

Sometimes, our challenges aren't mere obstacles but guiding stars, leading us to deeper understanding and growth. Embrace them, learn from them, and let them guide you towards a more authentic, fulfilling life.

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