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How she overcame her fear of public speaking....

Jan 09, 2023


Annie was a senior leader in the energy industry with a knack for inspiring others and commanding attention. But despite her impressive credentials, she had a fear of public speaking that kept her from fully expressing herself and utilizing her unique gifts. And now she was fed up being stuck!


When we met on zoom she was straight to the point! " I´ve so much I want to do in my life and it´ll never happen if I can't speak from stage! I need help!”  As a thought provoking partner, my job was to go deep and ask questions no one else would dare ask her. Questions like: How has this fear served you well all these years?  Who do you love? What´s worth fighting for?


She began to realize that her voice really mattered ! She accepted that she has a unique gift! It was worth fighting for!


Annie slowly but surely made progress over the course of one year, learning how to lean into what she desired instead of holding herself back due to fear. She understood that her limiting beliefs were lies ( Limited Ideas Entertained) and it was time to reprogram her belief system.


She answered my questions with profound insights. She connected with her inner source which was stronger than her fear and it pulled her forward, into taking inspired action.


Her newfound courage led her to finally accept an opportunity as a speaker at an important industry event. When she took the stage for the first time, everyone in the audience was captivated by her words and presence — something which would have been impossible just one year earlier.


In addition to speaking on stage, Annie’s new attitude opened up to a new leadership opportunity. A quantum leap happened because she took action 12 months earlier.


Annie realized that she needed help if she was to live life full out. The transformation Annie experienced from partnering with a thought provoker (aka me) was  groundbreaking — it transformed her entire life when she decided to lean towards what she wanted instead of holding back out of fear. She wanted to be brave more than she wanted to feel safe.


What about you? Are you ready to take up more space and create the life you most desire?


Let´s do one exercise right now. Get your journal or anything you enjoy writing on and answer this powerful question:


What do you really want to EXPERIENCE in life? Now ponder on that…




Ps. To become an extraordinary leader and to bring your vision to life takes courage. So imagine being surrounded by, supported  by and challenged by other extraordinary women.

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